Past Life and Regression Therapy Training 

Live internet classroom training in past life and regression therapy for the UK, Europe, United States (USA), Mexico and Canada time zones by Andy Tomlinson.


Past Life Training

As a student you will experience many of your own past lives. It might be experienced as a vivid movie, or only vague flashes of images that prompt the narrative. 

You might hear gunshots or explosions in a battle, or the laughter and love in a family situation. You may recall smells from a dirty dungeon or the smoke from a fire.

As the past life unfolds you will feel the emotions and body sensations appropriate to the story.  You may feel deep sadness at the death of a family member, or despair as you witness a massacre, or joy with birth of your first baby. 

You may feel the pain of a sword piercing your body as you are dying, or the heaviness of a load you are carrying. 

They are very real in the moment, but pass quickly as you move through the past life and death. 

It is the therapeutic value of past lives that are important using a range of transformation techniques that are covered in the internet classroom past life training.

Learn how to help a client find forgiveness and completion with a perpetrator, how to find the motives of the other person, how to work with spirit guides, when to do role reversal to other past lives, the skills to handle a traumatic past life death and release soul energy that is trapped in the death scene.

You will identify and transform turning points and shutdowns that are the cause of many current life problems and learn how to handle diversions and much more to help your client resolve current life issues and evolve as a soul. 

Regression Therapy Training

Having built skills with exploring and transforming past lives they can be applied to the more demanding current life.

Many client issues are from early childhood from the lack of love during a trauma. The Pleaser who as a child tried to be good to avoid abusive parents and in later life does things for other people even at their own needs and feelings resulting in low self-esteem.

The Achiever who as a child tried harder and harder to prove to their parents that they are good enough to be loved, and in later become a workaholic and overstressed.

The Rationaliser who avoids emotions, the victim trying to get love and attention from others and can’t take responsibility their life prob. These and more are resolved with inner child regression.

Repeating patterns of panic attacks, fear, powerlessness to confront others, over whelming emotions of anger, difficulty maintaining personal relationships, or unexplainable pains have the root in deeper trauma, often called post-traumatic stress.

Sometimes the traumatic experience is below the level of conscious awareness but has still been affecting the person's well-being. Learn the importance of working with body memories and body therapy to provide amazing transformations.

Become confident doing this even when there are large cathartic releases to unblock these old wounds. This requires watching live demonstrations  and having your own practice sessions during training to build your skills and confidence,


from the book Life Changing Moments by Peter Mack

How Past Life and Regression Therapy Works

Regression therapy takes a holistic view of the body and spirit having a fundamental interconnectedness. Unlike many other therapies that only focus on symptoms, this healing involves reconnection with the root cause of the problem and allows a client to understand deeply the issues associated with the problem before they are resolved at both a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

It’s like taking a thorn embedded deep inside us. Unless the thorn is removed total healing is not possible.

Any client experience is treated in an accepting and authentic way.

Various psychotherapies may be used in the regression process such as Hypnosis, Gestalt, Psychodrama, Body Therapy, Past Life Regression together with various spiritual transpersonal and energy techniques.

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