Spirit Release and Clearing Intrusive Energy  Training

Internet classroom spirit release training to Europe, USA and Asia timezones. It also includes clearing a range of intrusive energies. 

Discover and gain confidence using an energy vortex technique that Andy pioneered with the help of spiritual Elders in 2011. Used with hundreds of clients and clearing dark energies from sacred sites around the world, it is very quick and is highly effective. 

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"The ability to clear all of these intrusive energies with your methodology has given me the capacity to go beyond what I have previously known.

Instead of working with each attachment individually through the client. I now can clear more for my client in significantly less time. I know that what I learned from you has been transformative for me in my work, and for my clients.

I am also deeply appreciative for being able to clear spaces, as it helps me hold sacred space and I can even offer my clients a clear home as well. Thank you for sharing, Andy!"

Tina Z., California.