Advanced Vibraional Techniques AVT Level 1

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What is the Pioneering the New Consciousness AVT Level 1 Retreat all about?

The retreat is over seven days and located in a bubble of pure high vibration energy. It taps into the amazing energy of the heart chakra of the world at Glastonbury, UK.


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  • Experiencing living in the New Consciousness and how to create it when leaving the workshop

  • Attuning to the Council of Beings of Light

  • When and how to work with different high vibrational energies of the Earth, Sun, Spirit Realms and Source

  • Learn a range of practical energy tools and techniques

  • Develop intuitive abilities to diagnosis the source of illness and disease

  • Use high vibrational energy therapy for healing illness, disease of organs such as cancer and terminal infections

  • How to consciously create your new reality

  • Personal session with the Council of Beings of Light

  • Identifying personal actions to move to the New Consciousness

  • Responsibilities and constraints using high vibrational energy

  • Join a network of others and get ongoing support

United Kingdom (UK) - 3 to 9 June 2025

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The workshop is set in a peaceful setting with views of Glastonbury Tor. The nearest national airports are Bristol and London. The tutor fee for the 7 day workshop is £1200, and low cost accommodation extra and available. The trainers are Reena Kumarasingham and Andy Tomlinson and the language will be English.

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