About Andy and Reena

In 2012 the Council of Beings of Light visited Andy and Reena in Sedona, USA to help navigate and transition into the New Consciousness. Pioneering the New Consciousness was born.

The New Consciousness sometimes called the "5D Consciousness", is a new way of being and living within a high vibrational state. "Pioneering the New Consciousness" is a roadmap to this Golden Age, which is a different way of living in a harmonious way with others and nature, using high vibration energy tools

Pioneering New Consciousness Retreat

Andy Tomlinson

Andy works with Advanced Vibrational Techniques, specialising in clearing a range of intrusive energies affecting people, their businesses and their families.

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Reena Kumarasingham

Reena works as an international  therapist using Advanced Vibrational Techniques. She has delivered the New Consciousness workshops since 2014. 

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 Andy Tomlinson and Reena Kumarasingham have channelled and put together the knowledge directed by the Council of Beings of Light and created the popular Pioneering New Consciousness Workshops.

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