New Consciousness Courses

Home study courses by Reena Kumarasingham and internet classroom training with Andy Tomlinson to help you transition to the New Consciousness.

Empowering the Divine Feminine in the New Consciousness

In the current world there is a polarisation between men and women that is accepted and embraced. This has led to a weakening of the Divine Feminine. In the New Consciousness a rise of the Divine Feminine is needed to balance the Sacred Masculine. This home study training is full of practical exercises and tips to empower the Divine Feminine for both men and woman. To integrate and balance these leads to evolutionary growth as we move into the New Consciousness.

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Embodying the Divine Consciousness

Anchoring the Divine Consciousness enables us to move through the change to the New Consciousness with stability, clarity and peace.

We can rise and shine like the radiant soils that we are and follow our journey towards living an authentic life.

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12 Week Meditation Program - Transitioning to the New Consciousness

Meditation is an important part of stilling the mind. In this 12 week program you will receive a guided meditation and video once a week giving you support and helpful reminders on your trip to the New Consciousness.

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Advanced Energy Clearing Training

Internet classroom spirit release training to Europe, USA and Asia timezones. It also includes clearing a range of intrusive energies holding us back from moving to the New Consciousness. 

Discover and gain confidence using an energy vortex technique that Andy pioneered with the help of spiritual Elders in 2011. Used with hundreds of clients and also clearing dark energies from sacred sites around the world, it is very quick and is highly effective. 

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