Pioneer the New Consciousness

The time is now.  The Golden Age is rapidly approaching us, bringing new gifts to enrich our lives and elevate our being.  Are you ready? Come and transition to the New 5D Consciousness with us.
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What is the New Consciousness?

The New Consciousness is sometimes called "the fifth dimension consciousness" or the "Golden Age". It is about a different way of living in a harmonious way with others and nature and using high vibration energy tools.

Manage your energies in the New Consciousness

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Pioneering New Consciousness Retreats

Residential workshops in Europe to experience living in the high vibrational energy of the New Consciousness. Learning to work and harness Advanced Vibrational Techniques (AVT) of the Golden Age and have practical tools to take back and use in your life.


About Andy & Reena

Andy Tomlinson and Reena Kumarasingham have channelled and put together the knowledge directed by the Council of Beings of Light and created the popular Pioneering New Consciousness Retreats. They are both co trainers of the workshops and co-authors of the book "Pioneering the New Consciousness".

Andy works with Advanced Vibrational Techniques, specialising in clearing a range of intrusive energies affecting people, their businesses and their families. 

Reena also works as an international  therapist using Advanced Vibrational Techniques. She has delivered the New Consciousness workshops since 2014. 

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