Advanced Vibraional Techniques AVT Level 2

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What isĀ the Pioneering the New Consciousness AVT Level 2 Retreat all about?

The retreatĀ is over seven days and located in a bubble of pure high vibration energy.Ā It taps into the amazing energy of the heart chakra of the world at Glastonbury, UK.

This retreatĀ is only for those who have attended the AVT 1 workshop and had time toĀ build up skills and experience using AVT energy techniques.


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  • Experiencing living in the New Consciousness again and identifying how to overcome any obstacles stopping it fromĀ being createdĀ in your home and work life.
  • Review of the first workshop techniques and re-establishing the link with the Council of Beings of Light
  • Pair work using the techniques of the first workshop to clear personal issues
  • Harnessing unstable energies
  • Channeling out unstable energies
  • The techniques of crocheting, siphoning, vacuum cleaner and veiling
  • Practical work using unstable and stable energy techniques
  • Personal session with the Council of Beings of Light
  • Application of high vibrational energies in a typical day
  • Manifesting using unstable energies

United Kingdom (UK) - 8Ā to 14 July 2024

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The workshop is set in a peaceful setting with views of Glastonbury Tor. The nearest national airports are Bristol and London. The tutor fee for the 7 day workshop is Ā£1200, and low cost accommodation extra and available. The trainers are Reena Kumarasingham and Andy Tomlinson and the language will be English.

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