Andy Tomlinson

Andy is a hypnotherapist, psychologist, psychotherapist, regression therapist, and intuitive energy healer specialising in clearing a range of toxic energies from people and the land. 

He is the founder of the international Past Life Regression Academy, which he established in 2002 to teach others to heal the soul. The training of the Academy includes hypnosis training, past life regression therapy training and between lives spiritual regression training. 

Andy is a founding member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association and the Earth Association of Regression Therapy, and has been the President of the Society of Medical Advance and Research with Regression Therapy. 

He is the author of Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the Eternal Soul, and the editor of Transforming the Eternal Soul.  In these he has shared his ground-breaking work and research to further continuing the advancement and global understanding of these powerful and effective therapies.

Since 2009 Andy has travelled around the world clearing a wide range of intrusive energy and inter-dimensional energy from people, ancient religious sites and energy portals. He also works remotely using AVT energy therapy to resolve emotional and physical illness and disease and offers a free holistic health check.


Andy lives in a high vibration setting in the countryside near Stonehenge, UK. He tries to live a simple life close to nature with his wife Reena Kumarasingham and grows organic food and has two Maltese dogs and three chickens. 

Email; [email protected]

"A humble knowledgeable person who radiated peace and inner balance."

I.S. Ireland

"Andy delivers the knowledge in a way that is easily understood and retained particularly in terms of the wide variety of ways in which people learn."

P.M. Dorset

Books by Andy Tomlinson

Healing the Eternal Soul

A past life and regression therapy book that covers the theory and techniques that can help to heal the soul. Its illustrated with numerous case studies suitable for both therapists and spiritual readers.

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Exploring the Eternal Soul

A life between lives book full of illuminating case study extracts and discover insights that answer numerous questions of spiritual, historical and philosophical importance from a spiritual perspective.

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Transforming the Eternal Soul

A regression therapy book that provides real, practical techniques and advice from colleagues in the field of spiritual healing.

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