Consciousness Between Lives - Loss of a Loved One

The loss of a loved one has always been a time of grief for those left behind. When death has been gradual, and those around know that death approaches, it allows the conscious mind a period of adjustment that often helps reduce the intensity of the grieving period. This article will look at what happens to the soul of the departed person from a spiritual perspective.

 More and more people are aware of past life regression. When clients are taken to a deeper level of hypnosis what appears to be soul memories between lives come to conscious awareness. Called Life Between Lives regression, and is based on the pioneering work of the psychologist Joel Whitton, Dr. Michael Newton and contributions I have made. Over 10,000 ordinary people from many cultures around the world have experienced similar events in the afterlife through life between lives regressions, including the moment of death and the time right after, a past life review, meeting wise spirits of light, and...

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