Reena Kumarasingham

Reena is a Psychology graduate. She has been a trainer for the Past Life Regression Academy with Regression Therapy and Between Lives Regression training. She has also had an International regression  and Between Lives Regression practise, which she has stopped to focus solely on AVT Healing. 

She is the author of the Radiant Light Series, comprising of the International Award Winning Shrouded Truth, Divine Consciousness and The Magdalene Lineage.

Reena lives in a high vibration setting in the countryside near Stonehenge, UK. One of her passions is writing and she is writing a fiction series about living in the New Consciousness. She is a mom to two Maltese dogs and three chickens. 

Since 2009 Reena has travelled around the world under the direction of spirit to energy portals and energy centres to embody a high vibrational energy matrix to Earth.

She also uses high vibrational energy healing in her therapy practice and is a clear channel for the Council of Beings of Light.


""Your unconditional compassion shone through and you are so inspiring." "

H.M. Brisbane, Australia

""I have never experienced a trainer that is so competent and confident in her work. Her depth, in how she responds to situations and caring for the individual are outstanding. Her hand on approach makes learning fun and very understandable." "

N.B. Tasmania, Australia

Books by Reena

Shrouded Truth

Two thousand years ago, the Biblical time, was a time of great change. The Shrouded Truth is a groundbreaking book that provides new testimonials about the life of Christ through the past life accounts of eight individuals, backed by academic research.

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The Magdalena Lineage

The Magdalene Lineage ‚Äď Past Life Journeys into The Sacred Feminine Mysteries ‚Äď is about empowering the Divine Feminine. Mary Magdalene is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and her powerful teachings will inspire us to follow in her legacy to embrace and empower our Divine Feminine.

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Divine Consciousness

Two thousand years ago, a rich myriad of Christian teachings emerged after the death of Jesus. Two pillars rose above the din; two churches, two structures, two leaders: James, the Brother of Jesus, and St Paul, the Evangelist.

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