A New Consciousness is Born

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2023

Earth is being bombarded by very high vibrations and is shifting its consciousness. And because people’s consciousness is part of the Earth, we need to shift to be in resonance.

A lot of things are being brought to the surface that had been previously hidden. They are being brought to the forefront of our awareness so that we can see exactly what’s been happening and can make our own decision whether we want to continue to stay in the old consciousness or move to the new.

 We can see the evidence around us. From the growing corruption of politicians, the greed of global multinationals and the continuous creation of conflicts for the benefit of the military arms producers.

In the cities mass shooting and violence are increasing. The old consciousness is coming to an end and those that wish to hold onto to it will find it just gets harder, and harder.

What will Living in the New Consciousness be Like

It is about people understanding that we are divine and that we can actually do quite a lot with the Earth and with the energies of the Earth that we haven’t been able to tap into for such a long time.

It is quite hard to say what every body's life is going to be like in the New Consciousness because we are still thinking from the perspective of the old one. It’s almost like a baby being born, you have to be born first before you start to grow and develop.

We’ve been conditioned by the old consciousness, in our education, what friends say, the jobs we have had and what the media says. Part of the shift is letting go of all of this which is really hard to do, like giving birth. It can be a little painful but once the birth is finished, we can start to grow and nourish.

Perhaps a few examples from our Pioneering New Consciousness training workshops will help because we have access to the energies of the New Consciousness and it will give you an idea of how things can be different. In the workshop we play with the New Consciousness energies and embrace them.

Some students may use energies for healing diseases or illness energetically, which are all fundamentally energy problems. If you raise the vibration of the area affected in the right way it speeds up the body’s ability to heal naturally.

A dramatic example of this was during one of the workshops with a student who had a prostate problem. For a number of years whenever he went to the toilet, he had incredible pain passing water. There was a point in the workshop when students worked in pairs using the New Consciousness energies to resolve a physical problem. He asked his colleague to work on his prostate and half an hour later he went to the toilet and was pain free. The session took 2-3 minutes and was a remarkable demonstration how powerful these energies are.

One student from a different country was single when she came to the workshop. Because she was in the high vibration in the workshop everything within her shifted. Afterwards she went off on a weekend retreat, fell in love with a soul mate, got married and now has a family. She credits the shift of her energies from the New Consciousness for this big change in her life. 

Another example of using the New Conscious energies is a student who is also an artist and is now putting energies into an artwork. Each picture for a particular client with the right energy for them so when they look at the picture, they feel the energy.

Another student manufactures leather notebooks and is doing a similar thing with them. Authors have put the energy into the words of the books as they write to reach people that way.

A singer can use singing as a way of passing the high vibrations in songs. People have their own unique skills and different ways of using these energies.

Working with the New Consciousness is different than Reiki when the sender is a passive recipient of the Reiki energies that are coming through them to the client. With New Consciousness energies we are the ones who find out what the person needs intuitively and then use the appropriate energy to help them. We are the active ones and this is again part of moving into the New Consciousness.

It’s also about embracing what’s real and breaking away from the illusions of the old consciousness. For example, with the way we consume things maybe we do not need latest fashion as much as we think. It’s focusing on the things that are real.


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