Consciousness Between Lives - Loss of a Loved One

The loss of a loved one has always been a time of grief for those left behind. When death has been gradual, and those around know that death approaches, it allows the conscious mind a period of adjustment that often helps reduce the intensity of the grieving period. This article will look at what happens to the soul of the departed person from a spiritual perspective.

 More and more people are aware of past life regression. When clients are taken to a deeper level of hypnosis what appears to be soul memories between lives come to conscious awareness. Called Life Between Lives regression, and is based on the pioneering work of the psychologist Joel Whitton, Dr. Michael Newton and contributions I have made. Over 10,000 ordinary people from many cultures around the world have experienced similar events in the afterlife through life between lives regressions, including the moment of death and the time right after, a past life review, meeting wise spirits of light, and planning the next life.

“The soul has to have physicality in order to experience emotions and deepen its wisdom”

To really understand a spiritual perspective, we have to think of ourselves as energy beings. In the spirit realms the soul is in a place of unconditional love and doesn’t have the opportunity to experience anything different. Having physicality gives it an opportunity to experience emotions and deepen its wisdom. A metaphor can be used to explain what happens: It is as if the incarnating soul is one of the old fashioned divers with a brass helmet and an air pipe connecting to the mother ship. The diver is lowered into a spot on the seabed to explore and although the dive is pre-planned, the diver has free will in exploring the seabed. The air pipe is like our intuition connecting our earthly presence with our higher self. When the experience is finished the diver returns and brings back the knowledge and experiences to the mother ship. So at some point after the past life the incarnating soul energy re-joins its higher self and brings back the learning from the life.

“Sometimes departing souls are drawn to the grief of loved ones and even try and communicate to them”

Immediately after a past life death most clients report floating out of their physical body and usually express a sudden sense of lightness and freedom, and sometimes the death scene is observed for a while with an air of detachment. 

A life between lives excerpt to illustrate this is from a client I’ll call Ben Cook who found himself in a past life of a First World War British soldier dressed in kaki and waiting in a trench. It was a cold damp morning and he could hear gunfire and bombs going off all around him.  At exactly 7 o’clock a voice shouted, ‘fix bayonets’. He could see grim faces around him as he found himself climbing up a ladder out of the trench and advancing. Suddenly he felt a pain in the chest (The therapists questions are in italics):

I feel as though I’m lifting.

Are you able to look down and see the body?

God, it’s in a mess. 

Just describe what you can see.

It’s just lying in the mud, where it was hit.

Are there any other bodies around you?

Oh yes. Oh yes. Just a massacre. 

Do you feel drawn to stay or do you move on?

Oh, I can’t move on yet. I’m just taking in all this carnage. It’s terrible. What purpose? The pain’s stopped though. Thank goodness. No pain. No pain! 

What other things are happening?

Just stillness and quiet, and it’s a pleasant feeling really. I can see little dots of light.

Do you move towards these lights?

A little bit, and I know I can’t stop here. I just want to watch what they do with the body. It’s put on a stretcher. Somebody’s fiddling around with it and they take it away. There is a big trench, and they are throwing us all in. Half a dozen of us, and they just bury us. It’s the end, isn’t it? That’s it.

Are you able to leave now?

Um … I just see little lights in the distance.

What’s happening to you now?

I’m just getting energised. It’s like someone plugging me into the electricity. Plugging me into some energy. It’s a nice feeling and I don’t want to leave … A rest they call it, but this can’t be rest. It’s lovely!

Have they taken away any energy?

It’s like some dirty energy’s gone. I feel lovely now. 

The purpose of Ben’s healing was to remove the negative emotions from his traumatic death so his soul energy can return to its normal vibration. Sometimes departing souls are drawn to the grief of loved ones and even try and communicate to them. This is why it’s helpful for those left behind to encourage the departing soul to leave so they can receive healing and the release of any dense emotional energy they may be carrying. 

Prior to incarnation, the soul itself has determined the many different issues that it wishes to experience. Some of these selected experiences may prove so traumatic to the physical body that they cause energetic blockages within it. Until they are released that energy block is like a magnet. For example the issues associated with an energy block that says, ‘I am unworthy’ and not resolved in one lifetime will go though into the next. Any experience that triggers, ‘I am unworthy’, builds on the original energy block until it gets bigger and bigger. It is like a magnet, attracting all of the, ‘I am unworthy’ sensations, until its been released. Sometimes the energy block becomes too much for the physical form to hold and the person gives up on life.      

“Suicide is apparently one of the worst situations we can face in the spirit realms yet our spirit guide is still loving and caring and anxious to help, but the issues will have to be faced again”

The way suicide is viewed from the spiritual world comes from a life between lives transcript of a client I’ll call Liam Thompson. He reports immediately on leaving his body after his suicide that he meets his spirit guide who is, ‘shaking his head’. His concern seems even more justified when he realises that this is part of a repeating pattern that has continued into his current life (The therapists questions are in italics):

I need to go and discuss what’s happened. 

Do you know who you’re going to meet?

My spirit guide. He’s standing with his arms crossed, shaking his head. I’m like the little pupil and he’s the teacher. He’s got a long beard and a long white gown. He’s full of love and warmth, but at the same time he’s strict. He’s been my guide for a number of lives now.

Does he talk to you telepathically?

Yes. Well, it’s more than telepathy, it’s feelings as well, it’s everything. I can see inside his mind and he can see inside mine, except he can keep certain things from me. I’m still learning how to do that.

Tell me what happens.

He’s asking me why I always take the easy way out. I have a problem with facing problems.

What do you say?

I’m sick of doing these really hard lives.

Is he giving you any advice?

He tells me I need to stop thinking about things so much. I need to just learn to live, instead of being so introverted. I need to experience the world around me, rather than just experiencing the world within me. I’m my own worst enemy. Whatever I feel inside me, I project onto the world around. Most situations aren’t as bad as they seem, but I seem to make them harder.

Does your guide say anything else to you at this point?

He knows I need to have a rest for a bit…. and he’s projecting love as well.

This account is hardly a serious judgment from on high. Despite his frankness, the spirit guide is still loving and caring and also anxious to help. Planning the next life requires great care to avoid an unhelpful pattern of suicides. One of the strategies involves planning the next life to have a loving family and be close to nature so that the wonderful life experience teaches the positive value of life. The issues will have to be faced again, but can involve a number of lives that grow in difficulty. Sometimes a spirit guide may reincarnate in close proximity as a relative or close friend to provide support. One client discovered during her life between lives regression that the spiritual information she received from the regression had been pre-planned. It was to give her a spiritual perspective following the death of her husband and to help break a pattern of two previous suicides following the loss of loved one. 

Life between lives soul memory testimony is consistent from thousands of people. The strength lies in that it comes from ordinary men and women from all the cultures of the world. It lets us know that each life has a purpose and death rather than be something to be feared it is simply a step on a journey of deepening our wisdom. 

 By Andy Tomlinson



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